Smart Grid Center – Qatar

Electric energy is key to every economy and for societal prosperity across the globe. The smart grid effort aims to transform this critical infrastructure into the 21st century using computer-based remote control and automation. The smart grid has been called “electricity with a brain,” the “energy Internet,” and the “Electronet.” Basically, it integrates electricity and information and communication infrastructures to produce electricity more efficiently and reliably, as well as cleanly and safely for the environment.

Vision of SGC-Q

Seamless integration of power system infrastructure with transportation and the built environment to create 21st century energy ecosystems capable of solving pressing energy issues while meeting the needs of future generations.

Mission of SGC-Q

  1. Advance efficient use of electric energy and modernization of the electricity grid
  2. Develop exemplary engineers and leaders through various training and education forms
  3. Generate new knowledge and develop exemplary engineers and leaders by conducting advanced research, disseminating results, organizing conferences and workshops
  4. Promote collaboration and creation of multidisciplinary research teams to investigate smart grid problems and deliver more innovative and effective smart grid solutions
  5. Serve the needs of the State of Qatar and the region through broad expertise, training and education.

Objectives of SGC-Q

  1. Benefit from the long years of experience and legacy of TEES in conducting technology-oriented research that impacts society
  2. Benefit from the depth of and breadth of expertise and capabilities of researchers at SGC
  3. Establish formal links of collaboration between the researchers at SGC-Q and those in the College of Engineering at TAMU and TEES
  4. Form multi-disciplinary teams that consist of researchers in Qatar and in TEES to seek funding from various agencies in Qatar and the region
  5. Build upon the research capabilities currently at Texas A&M at Qatar to enable addressing the research grand challenges identified by Qatar Foundation and aligned with Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS).

Smart Grid Areas

The Center aims to expand upon its broad range of capabilities and expertise in six key smart grid areas:

  1. Electricity Production/Consumption
  2. Clean Energy Enabling Technologies
  3. Transportation System
  4. The Built Environment
  5. Computer Information Services
  6. Energy-related Markets.

They all come together to create an integrated infrastructure able to handle the growing power demands of residential, corporate, and public needs ranging from smart homes and plug-in electric vehicles to distribution intelligence and operation centers.